Hockey Helps the Homeless Cup

The Hockey Helps the Homeless Cup is an exciting new program that pairs up a one day tournament for high school aged hockey players with an online fundraising competition. The goal is to raise awareness among high school aged players while also raising money for local homeless organizations. Here’s how it works:

  • Teams participate in a one day round robin hockey tournament
  • Individuals / Teams begin fundraising one month before the actual tournament
  • A two tiered point system determines the finalists:
  • Tier 1: Points assigned and teams ranked on the basis of total dollars raised over the month leading up to the tournamet
  • Tier 2: Each team in the tournament will play three games with points assigned based on each team's performance
  • At the end of the one day tournament, the top two teams determined by the combined points earned for fundraising and game play will face off for the HHTH Cup in a marquee event.
The two teams that make it to the Cup final will enjoy our traditional pro-tournament experience featuring:
  • A special local venue to play in
  • The treasured Hockey Helps the Homeless Cup
  • Euro design pro-stitched third jerseys and matching socks
  • Fully equipped locker rooms (tape, sports drinks, snacks)
  • A participation gift from our generous sponsor (Easton)
  • A trainer and equipment manager for the game

Fundraising Incentives will also be given out to top individual fundraisers and will include exciting merchandise, compliments of Easton Hockey.