Lives We've Touched

The Benedict Labre House

“Hockey for the Homeless’ hard work and dedication to their cause has greatly benefited many organizations such as ours and we are deeply thankful. Their gracious donations have accounted for many improvements to our House and thus have played a crucial part in increasing the strength of our House and maintaining our mission. Some of their donations consists of a proper van to pick up our food and donations to help us serve our over 55,000 meals a year, the renovations of our reinsertion centre which now has on average 40 participants a week, and last year replacing our 19 old and mostly broken windows, with new energy efficient ones. I cannot stress enough how honored we are for their support, and consider them to be significant members of our community, and a cherished part of our BLH family.”

Kat Gray, Executive Director, The Benedict Labre House


Ben is a young male in our program for the past year. Ben had been incarcerated for a number of years due to criminal activity and getting involved with a gang. He was introduced to Pathways last year when he was released. While incarcerated, he honed his skills for creative art, something he loved to do. Ben has done incredibly well and is no longer involved with gangs. He has done a 180 turn and is on the path to success after working on a development plan with us. Staff helped Ben apply to university and he is now in his first year at York university in an Art program. He is working hard on his studies and is a regular speaker to other youth in our program and at our events. “A year ago I was locked up in a cage and my current life was nothing but a distant dream. Thanks to the staff at Pathways, that dream is now a reality.”


Inn From the Cold

“Hockey for the Homeless has been a true friend of the Inn and has steadfastly supported our efforts to enhance the performance of our operations to better serve at-risk and homeless families. In 2010, our friends at Hockey for the Homeless purchased a desperately-needed cargo van to support our operations and today this is one of the hardest working vans in Calgary. In addition to moving essential housing items and belongings into homes for families once they have transitioned from the shelter, this van also supports the many needs of the Inn.

In 2010 we increased vital program offerings at the Inn from 6 in 2009 to 35. Over 4,000 spots for children and 3,000 for adults were filled by Calgary's most vulnerable families. Many of these families are community families working hard to build their capacity through literacy and financial programming while others are culturally connecting or seeking educational support for their children. None of this could be accomplished without the dedicated and continued support of amazing organizations like Hockey for the Homeless.”

“I came to the employment program looking for a new beginning and to be a productive member of society. The courses, the other programs and the workers helped me obtain work.  My expectations of my career are almost fulfilled because of the program.” - Stephen Saunders reflecting on IFTC Employment Program

Welcome Hall Mission, Montreal

“It is because of your donation that we can pay for the third dental chair in the Jim Lund Dental Clinic at Welcome Hall Mission. Since the dental clinic opened late in 2010 more than 500 homeless and disadvantaged men, women and children received free quality dental care. We are planning to extend our services from 3 to 5 days as soon as possible to deal with the overwhelming demand.

Welcome Hall Mission has been helping Montreal's less fortunate since 1892. Thanks to the strong commitment of foundations like you, we never grow weary in our struggle to alleviate hunger, poverty and exclusion in the Montreal community.

Andrew Horwood, Advisor, Corporate Partnerships, Welcome Hall Mission, Montreal