Goals of the Organization

Our Mission
To leverage Canada's affinity for hockey to raise awareness and support for the homeless through education, fundraising and partnering with outreach organizations.

Over the next 3 years, Hockey Helps the Homeless intends to help raise the profile of homelessness in Canada. We have a reputation for producing top-notch, well-organized hockey tournaments, founded on the notion of bringing hockey enthusiasts together for a great cause.

The vision for future growth focuses on the following key strategies:
1) Energize our Existing Tournament Model
2) Develop Long Term Partnerships
3) Expand to new markets

1) Energize Our Existing Tournament Model:
HHTH will further enhance the "fantasy hockey experience" with new initiatives such as:

- Introduction of women's teams
- New celebrities outside of NHL
- 'Hot Stove lounge' Q&A session with top Pros on tournament day
- All-Star game for top fundraisers - a chance to play on a full-blended team with former Pros
- Integration of HHTH cup with local high schools/amateur teams
- Spectator event featuring NHL alumni vs CWHL all starts

2) Develop Long Term Partnerships:
Strong corporate partnerships are fundamental to enhancing our programs and connecting Hockey Helps the Homeless to wider hockey audiences and communities. We have a key partnership with Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life - a company that has been a tremendous supporter and our Founding National Development Sponsor. This support has been pivotal in enabling Hockey Helps the Homeless to increase our efforts to bring awareness and support to the plight of the homeless in Canada.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. They make Hockey Helps the Homeless an organization of great integrity, strength and success. With the support of our amazing local volunteer committees, we will continue to operate professional tournaments that will maximize every dollar we receive from our sponsors, donors and participants.

3) Expand To New Markets:
As the "fantasy hockey experience" continues to build momentum, HHTH will look to both penetrate new strategic markets, grow our presence in existing major markets and expand the HHTH brand beyond hockey tournaments, with a specific focus on youth.

One example of our commitment to youth programming is the Hockey Helps the Homeless Cup. This is an exciting new program that pairs up a one day hockey tournament for high school aged hockey players with an online fundraising competition. The goal is to raise awareness among high school aged players while also raising money for local homeless organizations.