What people are saying:

"After attending so many of the same golf tournaments, Hockey for the Homeless offers up something completely different and extremely exciting for those hockey fans interested in making a difference in their communities. This is going to be a tough day to beat! " Jordan Lunan – Toronto Participant
"Does it get any better than getting dressed beside two ex-NHLers in a pro style locker room for a fantastic cause? I certainly don’t think so! This is one of the most unique and entertaining charity events I have ever been involved in."
"Hockey and helping others…this is a no brainer! What an amazing day this was. I will be back with five new players next year!"
"I always dreamed of the pro hockey experience. Today I got to live it! Thank-you to Hockey for the Homeless."
"I could not have asked for a better day. From the dressing rooms to the jerseys to the banquet, Hockey for the Homeless did everything top notch! I am definitely coming back again next year." Robert Trickett – Montreal Participant
"I pick my head up from tying my skates and there’s Mike Gartner asking me if I could pass him a roll of tape. What an amazing event both on the ice and off! " Mike Bell, 2009 Toronto Tournament participant
"I am thrilled to be part of Hockey Helps the Homeless in Calgary with several teammates of the 2010 Olympic team, amongst them Tessa Bonhomme, Catherine Ward ,and Meaghan Mikkelson. I have been involved with HHTH in Montreal and Ottawa in the past and it has been very rewarding to be part of a great organization that improves the lives of homeless people locally. Their stories have changed misconceptions I held about homelessness and I realized that many factors like mental illnesses and the loss of employment can sadly cause it. I've been inspired by stories of hope and how HHTH has helped people retaking control over their lives. I look forward to having a great day of hockey for a great and important cause. " Caroline Ouellette, 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist, 5-time World-Champion, member of the Canadian women's national team and the Montreal Stars
"One of the greatest days of my life! A dream come true and I cannot wait to play next year. " Melanie Hutchinson; Toronto Women's 2011 Event Participant